A wedding venue is probably the first thing you will need to look for and book before you start any other arrangements. However, there are some important points to consider when deciding where to get married.

  • The first is your budget and how many guests you are planning to invite. These two factors will help to narrow down the choices as some venues will only accommodate a limited number of people.
  • Do you want to get married in a licensed venue or would you prefer a church service? Many wedding venues now have license for the ceremony and you can host your wedding all in the same place which may save you money. If you are getting married in a church consider how far it is from the reception venue as transport will be needed.
  • If your guests are coming from far away think about where they can stay overnight. Some venues will be able to accommodate them at a special rate or may include it in your wedding package.
  • Does the venue host more than one wedding on the same day? You may not want to be bumping into another bride on your special day!
  • Think about suitable settings for the photographs, both inside (in case it rains) and outside. If your venue is not very photogenic, let your photographer know in advance. You may be able to go somewhere else for photographs if there is time and you have transport arranged.
  • Check the wedding breakfast menus with the venue and the chef. Some venues will use outside caterers but many have their own in-house kitchen and staff. Ask if you want to be able to use your own caterers.
  • If you are having a band or wedding disco where will they be able to set up? If the same room is going to be used for the evening reception, when will it be prepared for the evening.
  • Meet the person who will be in charge for the day and always be clear about your plans. Be sure to let the venue know of any changes you make beforehand.

It is a good idea to visit a few chosen venues before you make the final decision. Check out the facilities and try to imagine what it will look like on the day. Make a note of anything you may have forgotten so you can sort it out straight away. Last minute extras could cost you more!

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